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About Aquatic Resource Center

Aquatic Resource Center is Your Premier Aquatic Systems Installer. We work with clients to design, build, and maintain their dream project, no matter the size. Whether it's a backyard koi pond, water feature, or a natural lake, we do it all.  We even do Zoo's too!

Our company was built upon real life hands on experience that only someone who's crazy enough to waste their own money, not the customers, can achieve. Founder Eric Thomas spent over a decade in the aquatic hobby testing different methods and theories before joining the industry as Aquatic Resource Center.

Today, Aquatic Resource Center is a leader in the industry for quality of products used, low maintenance designs, and expert aftercare. We take great pride in our work and invite you to see the Aquatic Resource difference.


See the Aquatic Resource Center Difference



While Aquatic Resource was not founded until 2016, our knowledge and expertise far exceeds then.

Owner Eric Thomas began as a hobbyists in 2003 and joined the industry with other companies in 2008. 

Our team has taken the time to learn from doing.

When you contract us for your project, you can rest assured knowing you're in good hands. 

Aquatic Resource Center

Warranty at a Glance

When it comes to our warranty, we like to keep it simple with our industry leading warranty. 

It is our mission to ensure that you will be confident about our products and services, so every major component product installed and sold by Aquatic Resource Center comes with a one year, 360° warranty. 

360° warranty

Our 360° warranty is just that. It covers every product sold and installed by Aquatic Resource Center in 360°. Front to back, side to side, inside and out, our warranty covers it for a full year. Extended warranties are available upon request. Just ask us for the extended warranty plan! Commercial projects differ.

Warranty does not include any plumbing, fittings, or joints. Our 360° warranty excludes items not purchased from Aquatic Resource Center and/or not installed by Aquatic Resource Center. Items abused, improperly maintained, damaged due to weather or misuse, etc., are not covered under our 360° warranty. 

Quality services at affordable rates.

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