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AD8000 HE


The Model AD8000BHE – Model 2.2BHE filtration system includes a 2″ High  Efficiency Control Head with 2″ plumbing in and out. This is the same control head and column as used in the  Model 16000. The only difference is that the column is just 4 inches shorter in length, while maintaining the flow  efficiency of the 16000. This model was introduced to accommodate clients who wanted to use very energy  

efficient pumps and not having to sacrifice too much water flow. If you want to use a low head, efficient pump in  this 8000 gallon pond class then this filter may be for you. If you feel that friction loss improvement is beneficial  to you, you will not be dissapointed.


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Rhino 90 Degree 2", Rhino 90 Degree 3”, Rhino 90 Degree 4”, *Rhino 90 Degree 6”


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